MAC Thermal & Process Industries S.A. (formerly TALLERES MAC S.A.) is a private enterprise founded in 1968 and located in Miranda de Ebro, approximately 80 km from Bilbao, Spain.

During the past 45 years of experience in the manufacturing industry MAC has become a reputed designer and supplier of Heat Transfer & Process Solutions across many Business Sectors; Oil & Gas, Chemical and Pulp and Paper, and most notably CSP in the last 4 years (MAC has participated in more than 50 CSP projects).
The success of MAC is based on the professional ethic and on its strong commitment to safety, quality and competitiveness of its products. This commitment is adhered to by each and every one of its employees, with the objective of assuring the confidence and satisfaction of our clients, and to reach and serve its customers world-wide by placing itself in key Strategic Alliances for local manufacture and to continue developing and innovating which will further improve operability and reduce costs of key heat transfer equipment for all CSP Plants.

Our growing export activities enable us to handle the challenges arising in the international markets in the years to come. The alliances and collaborations we have established with foreign companies provide us with the necessary expertise, market growth and improved development capability.

MAC Mission Statement

The mission of MAC is being a reference company regarding Products, Services and Solutions related with Heat Transfer in Oil & Gas, CSP, Energy & Power, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors, based on the quality of our staff, team-work and latest technology at our disposal.

MAC Business Principles

  • Provide Products & Solutions of High Added Value
  • Full compliance with the most demanding QUALITY standars, specifications of the Client and state of the art requests of the market
  • Full compliance with delivery times
  • Socially & Environmentally Responsible
  • Continuous Innovation & Development