PROTERMOSOLAR – Seridom and FCC order to MAC equipments for a Thermal Solar Plant in Alicante (June 2012)


ImageSerIDOM and Industrial FCC recently awarded a contract to MAC (Miranda de Ebro) to the design, manufacture and supply a steam generation system that will service the Central thermal of Villena (Alicante).

The system will be composed by different items, among them heaters, preheaters, superheaters and evaporators, EMbaffle B.V. developed technology , know – how was transferred to MAC earlier this year, and the feed water preheaters, design for MAC includes one EMbaffle B.V. such technology. According to company sources, the … read more

MAC working in the Solar Thermal plants. La Dehesa, La Africana and Valle I and II (February 2012)


ImageThe company MAC has firmly established itself in the energy sector, especially within the molten salt-to-hot oil heat exchangers market for Concentrated Solar Power plants.

MAC, a company with over 40 years experience in the manufacture of heat exchangers and large equipment for the chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors, in collaboration with the company EMbaffle B.V. has participated since 2009 in the construction projects of the Solar Thermal power plants La Dehesa, La Africana y Valle I y II providing

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SERIDOM and FCC order to MAC equipments for a Solar plant in Alicante (February 2012)



It provides outsourcing parts of steam generating system in Basque companies.

UTE formed between companies FCC Industrial and Seridom just award a contract to the company MAC in Miranda de Ebro to manufacture and supply a steam generation system that will service Solar Thermal Plant in Villena (Alicante).

The system is composed by different equipments among them preheaters, reheaters, superheaters and evaporators, as well as feedwater preheaters. All this developed in the technology EMbaffle B.V., know -how was transferred to … read more

MAC will manufacture a dozen of Heat Exchangers to Termosol I & II plants (1 February 2012)


fabricaThe company of Miranda currently comes to the delivery of other three units for Cordovan Thermal “La Africana“. The company continues filling its order book with new contracts mainly from the field of heat exchangers-salt oil for thermal plants. In this sense, the Miranda de Ebro company was responsible for the manufacture and supply of six exchangers of this type that worked at the plant in Extremadura SL (Termosol I), belonging to the American company NextEra. … read more