Miranda technology in Badajoz (June 2010)


TECNOLOGÍA MIRANDESA EN BADAJOZ (2010)The company MAC manufacture six heat exchangers. The pieces built in the workshops of the city will be installed in solar thermal plants in the province of Extremadura. The MAC company just put an end to the six manufacturing custom heat exchangers will be installed shortly in different Badajoz solar thermal plants.It will be on Monday when the last item goes out of the facilities, to be moved to the province of Extremadura.

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MAC delivers three Reactors of 75 tons for a chemical plant in Germany (2008)

Marzo 2008

Marzo 2008In the month of January MAC ended manufacturing in three reactors bound chemical plant Polyolefine, SABIC Polyolefins GmbH in Gelsenkirchen (Germany). The engineering of these equipments has been made ​​by the German company JHDE GmbH in Dortmund.

The treated product in these three reactors is polyolefin, that commercially are plastics most common and economical use in our daily life.

The annual global polyolefins production is around 70 million tons, experiencing growth of around +4% per annum.

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